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A flame of a matchstick.

by Something Special

A flame of a matchstick.

'Takes Two' is an online dating matching platform where verified singles connect with local, genuine singles to find meaningful relationships. The name reflects the essence of our platform - it Takes Two members to mutually match and meet in person.

Click 'View' to Enter...🔥 or if you are not a Member yet, Click 'Join'!

'Takes Two' 

by Something Special

Discover Love with 'Takes Two'!

Introducing New Online Matching with Something Special. Find your own Verified Match that has been ID and Photo Verified personally by The Matchmaker!

What Takes Two Offers and How to Become a Member:

become a Member

Become a Member of the NEW ONLINE

'Takes Two' Platform!

As this is NEW -

The Joining Fee* is just a one-off payment of £21

and includes a FREE 'Little Something' Dating Night ticket* worth £21!!

If you have a personal matchmaking membership plan, the 'Takes Two' Platform is complimentary. 


Once a Member - complete the registration form for The Matchmaker which becomes your Online Profile Overview.

'My Profile'

Members can also add more information and photos about themselves on their 'My profile' page, allowing for a more comprehensive profile.

'Takes Two' Platform

When you join 'Takes Two', you gain access to the 'Takes Two' Dashboard and 'Takes Two' Platform


The Dashboard is just for Member's on the 'Takes Two' Platform and is accessible via members' log-in and has links to all areas of the 'Takes Two' Platform.


On the 'Takes Two' Platform, you can share posts, chat, and connect with other members. You can also view member profiles, match with verified members, and view upcoming singles' events.


To become verified and unlock full access to the platform:


Attend a 'Little Something' Dating Night for your age group.

at the event

At the event, the Matchmaker will:

  • Check 2 forms of ID (Passport/ Driving Licence/ Bill)

  • Ask you to sign the Something Special 'Code of Conduct'

  • Review the photos you wish to use on the platform (either in person or via email)


Once verified, you can like and match with other 'Takes Two' Members on the platform.

If you are unable to attend a Dating Night, contact Jules to become verified via Zoom.



Verified members can express interest in connecting with another member by submitting a request to the Matchmaker through the Matching Form. Members will need their membership number, the first name and membership number of the person they wish to match with.

Quick Access

A flame of a matchstick.

For quick access to the matching form, click the flame icon on the member profile on the website (not currently available on the App).

Mutual match

Upon submission, The Matchmaker will reach out to the other Takes Two member to enquire if there's mutual interest.

To find out what happens if you get a mutual match, click here.

Not a Member yet?

by Something Special

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