'Little Something' Dating Nights

If you are single and are interested in attending my 'Little Something' Dating Nights or becoming a Member for Matchmaking, please ensure you have subscribed your interest so that you are kept informed about upcoming 'Little Something' Dating Nights and information about the Personal Matchmaking.


Tickets for current singles' events are available on the 'Events for Singles' page. I will also share these events to the Something Special Singles group for singles only on the Something Special Website.


If you are single and interested in attending a 'Little Something' Dating Night or Matchmaking Membership, you can request to join the Something Special Singles Group group on our website. 

If you attend a 'Little Something' Dating Night, you can become a FREE 'Little Something' Member for Matchmaking. Find out more here.

'Little Something' Dating Nights for singles are to make new friends and have

the 'lucky number 6' minutes to find their possible 'Something Special' with someone. Although the format is similar, these nights are not like a usual speed dating event. These nights are simply a social evening for singles with Jules, the Matchmaker, who introduces you to everyone with a series of dates before a social evening at the end.

Why have I chosen 6 minutes?


I felt the normal speed dating evenings of 3 minutes were not enough time to see if there was a romantic connection or a 'little something' that could develop. The Chinese consider the number 6 as a lucky number. Its pronunciation is similar to (liu) in Mandarin, which is interpreted to mean "run smoothly or flow", because of this the number 6 is seen as a fortunate number where things go well or smoothly.  The number 6 represents a harmonious union when engaging in any type of partnership or relationship.  As the number 6 is seen as favourable in matters of love and relationships and 'things going smoothly', I decided this would be the perfect amount of time to see if there was a 'little something' between two people.

Ten/ Fifteen Year
Age Ranges

My 'Little Something' Dating Nights are organised by age. It is an individual preference to whether singles like to date someone older, younger or the same age. I offer various age ranges with either a 10 or 15 year age gap for people to choose the best night to attend for them.

I am currently hosting these nights at The Harrow in Warlingham, Surrey but have held these nights in Kent, Sussex & Greater London and will do again.  Please click on the link below to contact me to register your interest in my dating nights and by letting me know:-

- Your age

- Age range you would be interested in


- Your area or area you would be willing to travel to

I will contact you when I have enough interest for one to be organised in your area.

Woman Drinking Cocktail

'Little Something'
Dating Night


**Please click on the link below to see upcoming 'Little Something' Dating Nights booked. If there is not an age range for you, please email me and ask by clicking 'Ask Now!'.

Happy Couple

'Little Something'
Dating Night


**There are no current events for the Gay Community - Click 'Ask Now!' to express your interest in these nights to be held giving your favourite age range.

In The City

'Little Something'
Dating Night


**There are no current events for the Gay Community - Click 'Ask Now!' to express your interest in these nights to be held giving your favourite age range.