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How 'Takes
Two' Works

A flame of a matchstick.

The New
'Takes Two'

New Online Matching with Something Special. Find your own Verified Match that has been ID and Photo Verified personally by The Matchmaker! Find out how it works below...

Platform Features and How 'Takes Two' Works:

When You Join:

Access: Upon joining 'Takes Two', members' profiles are visible to all users, and all members gain access to the 'Takes Two' Platform and Dashboard. However, only verified members can request matches and access advanced features.

The 'Takes Two' Dashboard: The Dashboard is accessible via members' log-in and has links to all areas of the 'Takes Two' Platform.

Registration: Once a Member - complete the 'Takes Two' Registration Form for The Matchmaker which becomes your Online Profile Overview.

My Profile: Members can also add more information and photos about themselves on their 'My profile' page, allowing for a more comprehensive profile.

Takes Two Platform (Tabs Explained):

On the 'Takes Two' Platform, you can share posts, chat, and connect with other members. You can also view member profiles, match with verified members, and view upcoming singles' events.

Platform Chat: Engage with other members to get to know them by sharing posts and connecting with others through our platform member chat feature. The Matchmaker will also share posts about upcoming Singles' Events

Members List: Access 'Takes Two' member profiles to explore potential matches.

Match: Link to Matching Form. Verified members can express interest in connecting with another member by submitting a matching request to The Matchmaker through the matching form.

Events: View all upcoming Singles' Events including Singles' drinks nights for all ages and both 'Little Something' Dating and 'Takes Two' Nights.

Profile Visibility:

All profiles should be visible to 'Takes Two' Members. To ensure your profile is visible, please ensure your profile is set to 'public' on your account Dashboard. 'Public' just means it is able to be viewed by other 'Takes Two' Members with access. For whatever reason, if you would like to stay on the platform and not let members see your profile, you can set it to 'private'. When set to 'private', no one can view your profile.


To Become Verified: When you join 'Takes Two', you'll begin with an 'unverified' badge. To become verified and unlock full access to the platform:

  1. Attend a 'Little Something' Dating Night for your age group.

  2. At the event, the Matchmaker will:

    • Check 2 forms of ID (Passport/ Driving Licence/ Bill)

    • Ask you to sign the Something Special 'Code of Conduct'

    • Review the photos you wish to use on the platform (either in person or via email)

  3. Once verified, you can like and match with other Takes Two Members on the platform.

Expedited Verification for Established Members: Existing Friendship Club Members or those who have attended at least three 'Little Something' Dating Nights can expedite verification. Provide photos, two forms of ID, and sign the Code of Conduct at a Friendship Event or via WhatsApp. Contact The Matchmaker for more information.

Takes Two Matching:

Expressing Interest: Verified members can express interest in connecting with another member by submitting a request to the Matchmaker through the Matching Form. Members will need their membership number, the first name and membership number of the person they wish to match with.

Membership Numbers: Membership numbers are supplied on verification and displayed on member profiles.

Matching: Upon receiving a Members' Match Form, the Matchmaker will reach out to the other member to enquire about mutual interest.

Options Upon Matching: 

It's a Match!: Upon mutual interest, members have several options:

  • Share contact details for further communication (free of charge).

  • Attend a 'Little Something' Dating Night with a mutually appropriate age range.

  • Participate in a 1-1 Dating Night exclusive to 'Takes Two' members. More information about what will happen on a 'Takes Two' Night will be shared shortly. As this is a new area, we need to get everyone verified first.

Equal Options: Both members have the same options upon contact. In case of differing preferences, both members will be invited to attend the same Takes Two 1-1 Dating Night.

Fees: Please note that 'Little Something' and 'Takes Two' Dating Nights incur a fee of £21.

Matchmaking Process:

Matchmaking Members have complimentary access to the 'Takes Two' Platform if they wish to be on it. They can request Matches also through the Matching Form. If a Takes Two member requests to match with a Matchmaking Member, the Matchmaker will assess compatibility. If deemed suitable, Something Special will proceed with the matching process by sending a match email and organising a 1-1 date, provided both parties express interest.

Joining Fee Payment:

Membership is valid until canceled. Members can cancel anytime, but please note that Something Special reserves the right to terminate membership if the platform transitions to a chargeable monthly service. Members would need to renew their membership in such an event.

It's a Match!

by Something Special

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