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Something Special Introductions Confidentiality & Code of conduct

Aristotle said that human beings are social animals. I think most of us know what he means and how we should behave and act in order to be part of a well-functioning society. We know what’s generally accepted, what’s frowned upon and what’s considered to be out of our social norms.


But when it comes to online dating things get much more muddled. It isn’t completely clear what is considered to be cool and what’s a no-no. Is it acceptable to ignore someone’s messages? How quickly should you ask for a real date? How should you respond to a rude email? 


At Something Special we take all this away to give you a much more pleasant experience of dating.  If you are wanting to date and are looking for love, for romance - you are not looking for all the confusion that the dating sites give you.

I expect all my members (including those who have registered for the 'Little Something' Plan and only attend singles' events) to abide by my Code of Conduct. All Members must sign this Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement at or after their Personal Meeting with me.  Anyone registered for the 'Little Something Plan who wishes to be considered as a Match for a Member on a Matchmaking Plan must sign this agreement at their event. This must be signed (either in person or via proxy) before 1-1 matches can be made.


Although you do not need to be a paid member to attend my events and do not need to sign this agreement - it is expected that all attendees of my events adhere to this code of conduct.


If you would like to view this Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement before your personal meeting or would like to know what is expected by those attending my nights, you can download it here in PDF.






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