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My Story

Started as a Matchmaking business by Jules Anderson in 2019, Something Special Introductions has evolved in 2023 to helping everyone to make new friends, not just singles.

After her divorce, Jules joined the dating apps and sites as it seemed to be the 'modern way' to date. She found it very difficult to find something special online.  Many people were not genuinely looking for love and fake profiles put her off.  Online dating sites were expensive for what they offered and dating agencies were asking for thousands of pounds for membership. 

Jules is passionate about people finding love and the right person for them. The 'modern way' to date has taken the romance out of finding something special. She believes a romantic connection can only be found in meeting someone face to face so started 'Something Special' to help singles meet their 'something special' to them either through matchmaking or her dating events. 


Having been divorced and needing to start again, Jules understands the vulnerable position singles put themselves into in search for love, and the desire also of wanting to find the right match.  She has the skill and drive to help singles in their quest for the right match.

During Covid-19, Jules saw first hand how the multiple lockdowns affected her clients, friends and family. When we were eventually allowed to socialise again, many were scared and uncertain to 'get back out there'.

Jules Anderson; Matchmaker at Something Special Introductions

Jules saw a London walking Facebook page for mental health for men and decided to start something similar for women except with a drink at the end - a #walktalkdrink. The idea was to get women back out their after Covid, help general mental health by going for a walk, getting women together to support each other and make friends. This community group is The Pretty Woman Club. Shortly after, Jules felt the local men needed the same, so The GoodFellas Club was born. Jules lead walks once/twice a week for 18 months for these two groups. She also started creating meets for these community groups, including taking 64 women to Pretty Woman - The Musical in November 2021 and 30 more in December 2021. These community groups are still going online, both on Facebook and on the Something Special website, but the free walks stopped in February 2023. Jules organises six charity events a year for these clubs to raise money for MacMillan/ Cancer Research & MIND.

Due to creating events for everyone (not just singles) and seeing the need for this to continue 18 months after Covid-19, The Friendship Club for Everyone - A Members Club - was created and incorporated into Something Special Introductions. Jules now introduces friendships for everyone as well as introducing singles.

Where did the name 'Something Special' come from? Jules' mother owned a shop in Surrey in the late 70s/ early 80s called 'Something Special'.  Unfortunately, Jules lost her mother to cancer at the young age of six.  When Jules has been looking for love, she has often replied to people saying that she is looking for 'something special' with someone.  So in 2019, the name 'Something Special' became an obvious choice for her new dating agency; not only describing what we all look for in finding the right person for us but to remember the memory of her mother. Now that the company has evolved in 2023 to incorporate friendship for everyone - the name still works - when we find a new good friend, that is 'Something Special' too.

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