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The Friendship Club

Join Us - Friend of Jules

Not sure what Membership to The Friendship Club is? Want to come along and see?

Non-Members can purchase 'Friend of Jules' Tickets on the main booking page for Members for each event. Third party tickets and tables and restaurants/ pubs have restrictions on numbers. Please get your ticket as soon as possible before an event to avoid disappointment.


Members can introduce a Friend to one event with the club with a Non-Member 'Introduce a Friend' ticket.


Attendance with a 'Friend of Jules' Ticket/ 'Introduce a Friend' is limited to ONE event only. Any further tickets purchased must be as a Member and will be invalid.

Any questions, text, Whatsapp or call me on 07368 539594.

Looking forward to seeing you on an event.

Jules x

Live Music Event with The Friendship Club

The Friendship Club

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