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Participation Policy

This is the participation policy for All Events with Something Special including meets with The Friendship Club, 'Little Something' Dating Events & Charity Events.  Please ensure you have read this before purchasing a ticket and attending a meet/ event.  

Participation Policy for attending ALL events with Something Special

Attendee Participation Policy & Declaration

Participation in meets with Something Special is strictly voluntary and those attending assume all risks in connection with these activities. Something Special Introductions aim to help everyone by bringing people together and making friendships by arranging walks, dinners, lunches, brunches, bowling, theatre and cinema trips and more.

By attending & purchasing a ticket for an event with Something Special Introductions,

you have agreed to abide by the Participation Policy &  declaration and take total responsibility for yourself and your own (Dogs/ Children).


Obviously, should anything happen, everyone will help whoever is in need.  However, should anything happen to anyone, including children and/ or dogs, on a walk or on any event (e.g a fall, hurt themselves or anything else) with The Friendship Club, 'Little Something' Dating Event, Charitable event or any event with Something Special Introductions - the groups and company, Something Special Introductions, take no responsibility or liability.

Therefore you are not permitted to attend any event through Something Special unless you agree to and comply with the following:-

  • You accept that your safety at any event is solely your own responsibility.

  • You represent that you are fully fit on attending events (including walking events), and have in your possession any medication that you currently take.

  • You do not require any special attention, additional needs or special duty of care.

  • By attending any event you agree that the organiser, Co-Hosts, Event Hosts, or other participants are not responsible or liable for the safety of any member, or any members' children or dogs attending.

  • As an attendee of any walks, you agree and fully understand that outdoor activities can involve certain additional risks, hazards, and dangers to health and life. You agree and accept that you alone are responsible for assessing whether or not it is safe to cross roads, bridges, continue along pathways, lanes, roads, country trails, forest trails, and across parks, forests and open countryside.

  • As an attendee, you agree and fully understand than any travel/transition to an event or from an event or between events is entirely at the attendee's (Members') own risk, and you cannot hold Something Special Introductions, Organisers, Co-Hosts, or Event Hosts liable for any damages.

  • You will not cause distress or harass in any way a fellow Member, director or employee of the Company.

  • Respect Members have a different point of view. Please be kind and courteous at all times.

  • Agree not to take any action that may negatively affect the experience of fellow members.

  • As a member of or attendee at any Something Special event, you agree to HEREBY: RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT, Something Special Introductions, organisers, Co-Hosts, Event Hosts, and its members/or participants in any activities from liability or to hold them in any way responsible for any injuries, accidents or other incidents or other problems relating to your person or personal property.

  • Those who attend Singles' Events agree to abide by the Something Special Code of Conduct.

  • Something Special Introductions reserves the right to update and make changes to this disclaimer and terms and conditions at any time.


RISK WARNING FOR ALL WALKS: Please dress appropriately for weather conditions and carry a bottle of water and medication (if necessary). You need to be moderately fit for the walks and be able to walk for maximum 3 miles without a break. On these walks we may use; pavements, cross busy roads, public parkland, towpaths alongside water, other public paths, rights of way, bridlepaths, country lanes and other established paths and tracks through woodland, bush and countryside. Please only wear good sturdy shoes, preferably walking boots and take care as surfaces may be uneven, tree roots may protrude, there may be low overhanging branches and some paths are also used by joggers and cyclists and sometimes cars (country lanes). Some tracks may be muddy and slippery. On occasion wild, domestic and farm animals may also be encountered. If you require insurance for these walks then you must arrange this yourself.

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