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Being Safe

Years ago joining a dating agency was seen as a last resort but now in 2019, people are seeing it as the most sensible solution to finding a partner.  Well done for taking that step.

We ask new members to sign a Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement, request  two forms of identification, do background checks on social media online,  and personally meet every member of Something Special Introductions (either in person or Facetime) to make sure; they are who they say they are, look like their photos, they are single and genuine in their wish to have a relationship.  With affairs of the heart, however, there are no guarantees and we rely on our members being 100% honest with us


It is rare to find that special something in someone and for it to be mutual.  We are all looking for the right person for us and sometimes feelings don't match.  This is okay, we mustn't settle until we get it right and find a mutual match.


When we have found a match between members - both people interested in meeting each other - we will organise a date for you both.  However, that is where you have to take control.  Although everyone is vetted by us, you must undergo your own due-diligence and be careful on your date.  You must take complete responsibility of yourself, your actions and your safety at all times.

So here are a few dating tips to keeping yourself safe when meeting someone new in our modern world.

  1. Never reveal too many personal details about yourself.  We do not divulge any member contact information, unless you have expressed the wish for us to do so.

  2. Never invite someone you have not met before to your home.

  3. Never have too much alcohol.

  4. Use your ‘gut feeling’, if something your date says doesn't feel right and please do inform us if you are unsure about a member's intentions or relationship status.

  5. If you like your date and you think you might be starting a relationship don’t be afraid to ask questions; where do they work?, when was their last relationship? A really good handy tip if you know their name and roughly where they live go to and you can find out a lot more including the names of other people living in the same house as them!

  6. By following these simple steps (especially if dating online) there should be no problem with safe dating.

  7. We ask that members treat each other with respect and integrity. Most importantly, we ask that you protect your own personal safety. Maintaining a level-headed attitude towards meeting new people is the key to ensuring you stay safe when seeking a relationship.

If joining a traditional online dating agency, like Something Special Introductions, make sure they offer a high degree of protection. Many check out the identity of applicants before taking them onto their books, so at least you know that ‘John Smith’ is exactly who he says he is. Those agencies which interview prospective members also ensure that the Daniel Craig lookalike you thought you were meeting doesn’t turn out to be Mr Bean! That, together with an independent, experienced judgment as to whether you are in fact potentially compatible, can save a lot of time, effort and heartache.

The Dating Agency Association has provided a handbook full of simple common sense advice to ensure that your own wellbeing is always at the forefront of your decision making process.  You can find this Dating Guidelines Handbook and advice here to download.

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