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What is Something Special?

What is Something Special? Who am I? What am i doing? Wary of all things dating related in 2022? So was I!


What is Something Special?

I now have three sides to Something Special...

1. Something Special Introductions with Matchmaking Membership

I offer 6 and 12 months membership packages for singles. Both of which give their own individual guarantees of finding a certain amount of matches for my members. To find out what is exactly involved in being a member of Something Special - please read the rest of this blog and do have a look at the Membership Page - it should tell you everything you need to know. There is also a free membership available called Taster.

2. 'Little Something' Eventz

I felt there was very little opportunity for people who were single to meet anyone in their area. So... I also host 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events for Singles.

- My 'Little Something' Dating Nights are a type of speed dating evening (although not speedy) for 8-12 men/women to have 6 minutes to find their 'something special'. These do have age ranges but I am flexible; if you are a couple of years out of an age range, you are more than welcome to join me. If I am not hosting an event for your chosen age range in your area, please do email me - I organise these evenings from demand and interest in a particular area, age or sexual preference.

- The other 'Little Something' Events I organise are not for dating but for singles to socialise through dinners, lunches, local and West End theatre trips, brunches, bowling, comedy nights and more. These are to meet and make friends with other singles - without the pressure of 'dating' - meeting single people naturally doing the things we love. You can see upcoming events here. You do not need to be a Member to attend.

3. Pretty Good Eventz

These meets are for EVERYONE regardless of relationship status - they are NOT for just singles but for people to socialise and make friends doing the things we love - local and West End theatre trips, dinners, lunches, bowling, drinks, comedy and more. I have a separate website -

My Community Groups

The Pretty Woman Club & The GoodFellas Club are two separate free community groups I started in August 2021 to get us all back out there after Covid. We meet once a week for a walk and/ or a drink (#walktalkdrink) in the local area. You can come for the walk, the drink or both - these are not walking groups - just to get people together to help all of our general #mentalhealth, make friends and to support each other. Occassionally these groups do a #walktalkdrink together - this is NOT for dating but does mean partners can go on these walks together. To find out more about my community clubs, please find us on Facebook by clicking the links above or if you are not on social media, by joining my website. The Pretty Good Eventz meets were born from these groups wanting to do more than just the weekly #walktalkdrink - socialising doing all the things we love. There is a subscription for Members but you do not need to be a Pretty Good Eventz Member to attend events.


Who am I?

My name is Jules and I am the founder of Something Special Introductions.

If you're feeling wary of #onlinedating or dating full stop in 2022...I completely understand where you are coming from.

My wariness of online dating and finding it difficult to find a connection via text is what brought me to starting up Something Special back in 2019.

If you are single and are actively looking for someone - looking for a partner is scary! Aside from finding ways to find someone, it requires you to open yourself and your feelings up to love and possibly being hurt in the process. It is rare to find a true connection with someone - even in person - let alone throwing online dating sites and apps in to the mix which I believe make it harder.

The want to find a partner is strong! It doesn't matter how busy your life is with work or hobbies or if you feel lonely - we all want to be loved, have someone to love and spend our life with someone.

With everything in life being online now, the online dating world is a huge industry. Of course online dating sites and apps can work (both free and paid) and I have a few friends who have met their partner online.

They are sometimes seen as the 'only way to date' in 2022 and many feel they have to go online to find someone however hard they find it - a kind of 'necessary evil'. It doesn't work for everyone so this idea of the 'necessary evil' and having to put yourself through something, because it has 'worked for him and might work for me', often doesn't leave you feeling good about yourself and can affect your mental health when it doesn't work for you. We all want to be proactive in looking - but for many, the process of swiping, matching and starting conversations is really hard, monotonous, conversations wane and a simple text read wrong can ruin everything before even meeting....and it just isn't the natural way to meet someone. If you are going to use online dating, I would advise to meet someone sooner rather than later to have any chance of it working - without meeting, you have no idea whether someone is who they say they are and if you are building a friendship or something more.

The online dating sites also have all kinds of profiles. Of course there are people genuinely looking for a relationship but there are also those setting up fake profiles to extort money or not genuine in their intentions.

My aim with Something Special Introductions was and is to help singles to meet genuine people in person without impersonal texting and emails. To offer a safe place for people to find someone. All my Members for Matchmaking are genuine, looking for a relationship, ID checked and all photos are from within the last year.


What am I doing?

My aim is to provide a safe place for genuine people to meet and for friendships and relationships to blossom.

I am not offering a dating site - I am offering something that I could not find when I was looking for someone myself - a safe place to meet genuine singles looking for a relationship in person that is affordable.

For my matchmaking, I meet every single member and match my members on their interests/ lifestyle and what they are looking for in a partner. When I find a match, an email is sent with your match details. If it's mutual and both would like to meet, I organise your first date for you. My 'Little Something' Eventz also offer a safe place to meet someone face to face but this is completely separate to my matchmaking and you do not need to be a Member for Matchmaking to attend.

Of course, it is rare to find 'something special' with someone and sometimes feelings will not be reciprocated...this is just part of the natural process of finding a partner. The experiences from online dating are not.

The Process once you become a Member for Matchmaking:-

  • Welcome Email with a link to my detailed questionnaire/ membership form. Please fill this in with as much or as little detail as you wish.

  • Personal meeting with me, The Matchmaker (preferably in person in Surrey or via Zoom) I meet with every member to discuss in greater detail what they are looking for in a partner - going through each question on your membership form.

  • Two forms of Identification are required

  • All members must sign our Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Agreement

  • Your profile will then be created and I will look for matches for you

  • When you receive a 'Match' and you both wish to meet, I organise the first date for you.


Why am i doing this?


We all have our reasons why we think we are here. I believe we are here for love and are meant to be part of a pair; to love and be loved. Giving and receiving love makes us feel wanted, desired, powerful and content. The love we have with/for our children, friends and family are all important but it's the partner who we choose to spend our life with that is at the centre.


The dating sites put your gut feeling in overdrive. Trust is paramount in finding a relationship. You can find your partner online but if the starting point is a site with fake people or those not genuinely looking for love, it is hard to trust even those with genuine intentions. Where there is trust and honesty as a starting point, good relationships and love can blossom.


Loneliness is something I feel very passionate about. So many people feel lonely. Even those who are happy single, busy with their hobbies, family, friends, work, life, are all lonely sometimes.


Well that is me and Something Special!. :)

I hope this blog post has given you an insight into what is happening now in 2022 and what I am doing at Something Special to not only help singles to find love but for everyone to have a place they can go to socialise, feel welcome, find support if they need it and to make friends.

I understand how our modern online world can make everyone feel lonely at times - I want to ensure no one feels alone and everyone has a place to go where they feel welcomed, included and part of something.

If you would like any further information about Something Special or Pretty Good Eventz, please do visit my websites or call me on 07368 539 594 and I would be more than happy to help.


Something Special Introductions x

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