Something Special Membership
Personal Matchmaking from £390

I offer two Something Special Membership plans for personal matchmaking; 6 & 12 Months. 

Please click on the following links for more information on these two plans.



Although I cannot guarantee even one match, both the Personal and Elite Memberships come with a 'match email' guarantee according to their plan and offer the potential of unlimited matches during your membership term. 

Free Taster Membership available to be a possible match for a member - find out more.

I do not match Members on a hunch or from what I think - I match my Members on what they have told me at their personal meeting and through their Membership Form; Their lifestyle, hobbies, interests and what they are looking for in a partner - for some it may be as simple as someone in their age range being in their area.  My aim is to help you find that 'something special' with someone genuinely looking for a relationship and avoid the nightmare of the dating sites. 

I am a small business which offers a unique and personal service for a fraction of the price of my competitors. I pride myself in that and try my absolute best to create a good profile and match all of my clients. Sometimes it’s a long wait game and other times it’s not. It all depends on who I have available on my books and what you are looking for.  I will not know if I have a Match for you until after your personal meeting and your profile has been completed.  I offer guarantees with all three Something Special Membership plans for this reason.

Membership starts when you purchase your plan, so please complete your Membership Form as soon as possible.

I can then meet you and get you set up for Matchmaking as soon as possible. 

Access to my form can only be accessed by my new members.