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Now Matchmaking for Everyone, Regardless of Distance!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

To All Prospective Members,

Over the past couple of years, I have had quite a few people contacting me (from Dorset/ Cornwall/ The West Midlands/ Scotland to name a few), asking if I cover their area as they would love to find someone genuine by becoming a Member with Something Special.

Since launching in January 2019, being based in Coulsdon (Surrey), I decided my catchment area would be London & The Home Counties and with regret had to apologise that I could not help them.

In March 2020, we all went in to Lockdown with Covid-19 and with the advice to 'stay safe, stay home', I started offering SkypeDates as an option for Members to meet for a first date. I now offer SkypeDates, PhoneDates and Dates in person - currently (in March 2021) CoffeeDates or ExerciseDates (socially distanced), going back to offering normal dates on April 12th 2021 with the opening of venue gardens.

When someone becomes a Something Special Member for Matchmaking, they fill in my membership form in as much or as little detail as they wish. I then meet all Members for a 1-2 hour personal meeting - to find out all about them and what they are looking for in someone; going through the membership form in detail as well as obtaining two forms of ID and a signed copy of my 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct' Agreement. Again, due to Lockdown, I have been holding these personal meetings via Skype which has worked just as well as in person which is lovely.

Although I do believe it is really all down to attraction and connection on meeting someone, I see my job as introducing two people that have something in common. I try to match my Members on as many things as I can - the only thing that stops me are deal breakers. All the questions can be a deal breaker, from smoking to religion to pets. Some people would like to meet someone in their street or town and some are not bothered by distance at all. So, although my Something Special Members for matchmaking still must currently reside in London & The Home Counties. I have decided to open my borders to the whole of the UK for my Free 'Little Something' and Platinum 'Little Something' Members who can possibly match with a Something Special Member and have distance as a question and deal breaker too.

So I decided to open my borders to the whole of the UK for my 'Little Something' Members and have distance as a question and deal breaker too.

Obviously, as this is a relatively new thing, the majority of my 'Little Something' Members are still based in London & The Home Counties. All my Matchmaking Membership plans (Something Special Membership) come with guarantees. If I cannot meet these guarantees in the time on the plan, you remain a Member with me for free until I can.

I now offer three Membership types; Something Special Membership, Platinum 'Little Something' Membership and 'Little Something' Membership.

My Something Special Membership is for offline personal matchmaking for you and has a choice of three plans; Taster, Personal & Elite. All plans offer the possibility of unlimited matches and the same service. Each plan offers a minimum amount of 'match email' guarantees.

During Lockdown, I have been giving Free Personal Matchmaking and Free Matches to my current and new Something Special & Platinum 'Little Something' Members. This is still being offered until April 12th, in line with venues opening outside and 1-1 dates being able to be organised. I have also started a 'Lockdown Friend' scheme during Lockdown which Members can choose to take part in.

As with my Something Special Membership, my Platinum 'Little Something' and Free 'Little Something Members must first fill in my membership form. This MUST, however, be completed in as much detail as possible from these Members to be considered as a match. I also meet all of these Members; Platinum 'Little Something' Members for 45 minutes and 'Little Something' Members for 15-20 minutes for a personal meeting - to obtain two forms of ID, a signed copy of my 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct' Agreement. and to show you what happens if you receive a 'match email' and a Match with a Member. If I am unable to match my Something Special Members with each other, I will look in my 'Little Something' black book of eligible singles for a match. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee I will be able to match you.

The information from the membership form and your matchmaking profile with me is private and is not seen in its entirety by anyone. Only things you match on with a member is shared in a 'match email' should you get a match.

All Members also have a profile online they can fill in, should they wish to. As I am NOT a dating site and first and foremost an offline matchmaker, not all Members use the online area. Platinum 'Little Something' Members and Something Special Members have access to Members' profiles online. 'Little Something' Members do not have access to Members' profiles. I do also have a Forum for my Something Special Members to chat and make friends.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Jules Silverman

Something Special Introductions

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