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Meets & Events organised for Members - Everyone can see upcoming events on

our Calendar (or via Facebook Events) but you do need to be a Member

to have access to purchase tickets to join us on these events.


There is a 7-Day Free Trial to join us on up to 2 events before payment is taken. If you do not want to continue as a Member, cancel before the 7 days and you will not be charged.

Alternatively, join us for ONE event with no commitment to join. Click here to find out more about joining us as a 'Friend of Jules'.

The Friendship Club



Every year

The Friendship Club Membership

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Membership to The Friendship Club with Something Special

Purchase tickets to Events (usually £5)

Attend Friendship Club Events

Able to bring friends to one event - 'introduce a friend'

Cancel within the 7 day trial to not be charged

Access to The Friendship Club Group

Added to the mailing list for Friendship Events

Loyalty Rewards

Whether you want to come along to make new friends with your partner or just want to increase your circle of friends. Maybe you want to go to something your partner or your friends don't want to - join us! Something Special can also organise meets for Members to host. (Find more about Members hosting and Leaders here).

Are you single? Get joint 'Little Something' PLUS & The Friendship Club Membership to attend Friendship Events and receive discounts off singles events.

Free Trial

There is a 7-day 'free-trial' to be able to view/ purchase tickets and attend an event or two. Payment is charged at the end of this 7-day trial. If Membership is cancelled before the end of this trial, payment will not be charged. If a ticket is booked to attend an event/meet after membership is cancelled, the ticket will not be valid.

You must be a Member (Trial or Paid) to attend events.


Introduce a Friend

Members can bring a friend by purchasing an 'introduce a friend' ticket. You can introduce as many friends as you want but someone can only be introduced once. If they wish to attend again, they need to become a Member. Find out more about recommending friends and loyalty rewards here.

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