Something Special Membership FAQ

What is Something Special Membership?

Something Special Membership is an affordable, personal matchmaking service with a difference. 1. First, you will receive a 'Welcome Email' with a link to my Membership form and given access to it. 2. You need to fill in your Membership Form Online (you can either complete the Membership Form or just answer those questions with an * - which are your contact details and one photo - and then complete your Membership Form with us. (If you have purchased 'Little Something' or Platinum 'Little Something' Membership that states that your Membership Form must be completed IN FULL, then ALL questions and THREE PHOTOs must be supplied on submission of the form.) 3. Time to meet your Matchmaker in person for 1-2 hours to go through your Membership Form and discuss all about you and what you are looking for. If you are unable to get to Coulsdon, your Matchmaker can travel up to half an hour to meet you half way or the meeting can be conducted via Skype* 4. Once we have met you, have copies of your ID, and you have signed our 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement' - you have access to our online private Member's Profiles and Forum - to make friends and chat with men and women. 5. When we find a 'Match' to do with the things that are important to you to do with your Lifestyle, Hobbies/ Interests, Likes and Dislikes - we send you a 'Match Email' 5. If it is a mutual match and you would like to meet each other - we organise your date! You can choose whether it is a drink, a coffee, dinner or something else. COVID-19 Information - We are still taking on Members and making matches. Personal Meetings and dates (SkypeDates) can be done via Skype. Membership for all current and new members is free during Lockdown 3 - to benefit from this free membership, membership must be purchased.

What shall I do if Paypal payment doesn't go through?

We find that Paypal can be tempermental. It likes payment from your bank account but not overly happy about payment with a credit/debit card. If you are having trouble with Paypal, there is the option to pay with Stripe - our Credit and Debit card payment provider which is very reliable.

So I have signed up and purchased Membership - what happens next?

Once you have signed up to our site and purchased Something Special Membership, you will be sent a 'Welcome Email' from us asking you to complete our online Membership Form. This is not visible online until Membership has been purchased and access approved. When you have completed your Membership Form online, we will call you to arrange your personal meeting with your Matchmaker.

What happens at the personal meeting?

At your personal meeting, we will ask for copies of 2 forms of ID and ask for you to sign our Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Agreement. If you do not have copies, we can photograph your ID for you. We will then go through your Membership form in more detail, finding out all about you and what you are looking for in a partner. We will show you what your 'Match Email' to your matches will look like. This is completely customisable. If you would like us to change it in any way, please let us know.

When do I get access to the private online Member's Area and Forum?

Once we have met you and received your two forms of ID we will give you access to the online area of our site. This is a chance to chat to men and women - make friends and chat about anything and everything; ask advice, find out about other's hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. Although you may find someone that you would like to date online - no dates are to be arranged or contact information given in this area. If you see someone you like, call or email us and ask for their 'Match Email' and to be matched with them. If the feeling is mutual, we will arrange the date for you. It is what we are here for after all. As we are an offline Matchmaking Introductions Agency, the majority of our Members do not use this area at present. It is just an additional perk of being a Member of Something Special to make friends. Our Members can choose to use it or not as it is nothing to do with our Matchmaking.

How is Something Special Introductions different to other agencies?

We are different because we are 'affordable'. Look at our prices - we are a similar price to the online dating sites, not dating agencies that cost thousands of pounds. The cheapest we could find when we started was £3000 for choosing 3 dates from their 'genuine database' Dating agencies can cost thousands of pounds per year. On average, dating agencies charge £7,000 and do not give any guarantees as part of their Membership. We are passionate about our members finding love without having to pay a ridiculous amount to find it.

Why should I pay for Something Special Introductions when I can go on dating sites for free?

The reason we set up Something Special Introductions is because of how the dating sites can make you feel. Online dating is full of many fake profiles and genuine people who are not genuine in their intentions. The process of sifting through profiles and talking to people online is soul destroying; not knowing whether they are truly genuine or even if there might be an attraction or connection on meeting (photos are never a true representation of a person in the flesh). Something Special Introductions is different because we take all of that uncertainty away. We have a personal meeting (preferably in person, if not via FaceTime) with every member, we ask for copies of two forms of ID and all members must sign our Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Agreement. All members are genuine, looking for a relationship and all photos are from within the last year. Our aim is to provide a safe place for genuine people to meet and for a relationship to blossom.

How do I purchase Membership?

Please visit our page 'How to Join Something Special' page to find out how to become a Member of Something Special

The Membership Form seems quite detailed - do I have to fill it all in?

No - we understand that Membership Forms are sometimes daunting or annoying to complete. You can fill in the whole of the Membership Form if you wish, but only those questions with an * are required. These are just a few questions about your contact details, gender, marital status and gender of your match. All the other questions can be discussed and answered at your personal meeting with your Matchmaker.

Is it true I get a free photo shoot with Membership?

Yes! All Personal and Elite Something Special Members are able to take advantage of our free photo shoot session with your Matchmaker. Photo sessions and images can be so expensive and many people don't have good recent photos of just themselves. Our Matchmaker is happy to meet you somewhere that you feel comfortable and take a few photos for your profile.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do!! However, as with meeting anyone under any circumstance, via a dating site/ through work/ a dating agency/ in a bar, there can be no guarantees and no Introductions Agency or Dating Site can guarantee you will meet someone. When it comes to affairs of the heart, there must be a mutual attraction and connection between our Members after they have been matched and met for anything to go any further. Only time will tell whether someone is truly right for you or not. All people are different and all have different likes and dislikes and we really want to make sure that when we try and match you, that’s it’s with the right person - and not just giving you numerous false hopes. For example; Some people are religious and must match with someone equally practicing or some do not want someone who attends church. There are some people that smoke and those who will not date a smoker. These life decisions/ deal breakers and others may be the reason we can or cannot match you with someone. I offer my Something Special Personal Matchmaking Membership for 3, 6 or 12 Month Membership plans on my Plans & Pricing page. All my Something Special Matchmaking Membership offer the same matchmaking service - the only difference between them all is the length of Membership and the below match guarantees. Taster - Minimum of 1 Match - Maximum of 3 matches or 3 Months Membership (whichever is first) - No option to freeze membership = £220 Personal - Minimum of 2 Matches - Maximum of 6 Matches or 6 Months Membership (whichever is first) - Option to freeze for 4 months = £360 Elite - Unlimited Potential Matches - Minimum of 4 Matches - No Maximum - Option to freeze for 6 months = £699 The only other differences are the Personal and Elite Memberships have a free photo session you can take advantage of if you wish, have an option to freeze membership and you can purchase an additional 'Match Email' guarantee of another minimum of 4 matches (£79). I cannot 100% guarantee a match - it is all dependent on attraction and connection and no one can define how that happens. We match Members one Match at a time. If you do not match with current Members, we cannot make a match. We will not know if there is a Member to Match you with until we have completed your personal meeting and Matchmakers Form for Matchmaking. New Members are joining all the time, however, so someone may join who is right for you at any time. For all our Members, if we cannot send you the amount of minimum guaranteed matches offered in your Membership Term, we will keep you on as a Member for free until we do.

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