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1-1 'Takes

by Something Special

A flame of a matchstick.

So what happens when you arrive at your 1-1 'Takes Two' Night?

How it works on the night


Arrival and Registration

Arrival and registration is from 7.30pm with dates starting at 8pm.  I do ask that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before we are due to start at 8pm to get yourself a drink and find out how the night works.


When you arrive, you will be welcomed by me, Jules.  I will check you in, talk to you about how the night will run and answer any questions you may have.


During this time, you have a chance to get a drink and mingle in the bar with the other singles until everyone has arrived.


At 8pm, or shortly after, I will ring the bell and ask everyone to make their way to the table number that corresponds with the number on their Match Record.


Once everyone is seated with their first date, the bell will ring to signify the start of the first date.



How it works

Each date is for 6 minutes.  At the end of the 6 minutes date, I will ring a bell.  There is then a further minute in-between each date to finish your date in a relaxed manner and record your initial thoughts on your date in your 'Little Something' Match Record:-


- "Something Special" - if you feel you 'Match' and would like a date.

- "Little Something - if you would like to give your contact details and see.

- Friends" - If you would like to give your contact details as friends.

If you would not like to give your details, you do not tick any box.

Make sure that you use your 'match record' and record this after each date for the initial feeling of your meeting, you may find it harder later.  Feel free to write any notes, this is your Match Record for your eyes only.


After the further minute, I will ring the bell again. The men stay seated and the women move on to their next date (if you were on table 3, you move to table 4 and so on).


There will be a 15 minute break after every 4/5 dates, for a comfort break and/or time to get a drink from the bar.


What happens next?

Once everyone has had a chance to meet and have a 6 minute date - it is then time for the social evening to begin! This is a chance to chat more to those who you felt the had the most connection with and make friends with the other singles (men & women) on your night.

At the end of the night, please tear out your slip in the back of your personalised 'Little Something'  'match record' and fill in by ticking the relevant box by those you would like to see again /give your contact details to and place this in the relevant box provided.  The rest of the 'match record' is for you to keep to remember who you spoke to on the night.

The next day I will then email you with any matches and their mobile number/ email address or both.  If you have not registered which contact information to share, your mobile number will be the default contact information shared with matches.

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