Although Something Special is an Introductions Agency and not a dating site - when I match my Members, I send what I call a 'Match Email' to show when I think I have a possible match between two people.  On this email, I send 3 good sized photos of my Members, including one full length.


I have found that many of my Members do not have appropriate photographs of just them to share with potential matches.  Unless you enjoy taking selfies or getting people to take pictures of just you on your own, most photos include friends and family members. 


Here at Something Special Introductions, I want to help you look the best you can for your potential matches and show the real you.  People often look so much better in real life than in a photograph, but that initial image is your first impression you have on your match.

I am not a Professional Photographer, however, if you are a Personal or Elite Member, I am happy to offer a free photo session in a private, comfortable venue decided between you and I, local to Something Special Introductions in Coulsdon.  This could be in the park, a quiet cafe or pub...wherever you feel comfortable.  To take advantage of this, click on 'Contact Jules' to book yourself in for your photo session. 

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