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  • What is a 'Little Something' Dating Night?
    A 'Little Something' Dating Night is a chance to meet from 5-15 single people in your area for 6 minutes each depending on venue size and the amount of people that book on. For a more detailed explanation about 'Little Something' and why I have chosen 6 minutes, please visit my 'Little Something' page.
  • How does a 'Little Something' Dating Night work on the night?
    These timings are approximate and for 15 couples - timings will change by venue/amount of people attending etc. 7.30pm Arrival and registration When you arrive to the venue, you will be greeted by your host for the evening, Jules. Show your ticket, either printed or on your phone, to Jules and she will sign you in for the evening. Jules will check she has the correct contact details for you and provide you with your 'Little Something' Match Record which includes your starting number. Once signed in, Jules will explain how the night will run, answer any questions and you then you will have a chance to grab yourself a drink from the bar and mingle a little before we get started. Please ensure you are at the venue 15-30 minutes before the start of the night. If you are late, you may miss out on some dates as we need to start promptly at 8pm. 8pm Jules will check everyone is clear on how the night will run and then get straight on to the first date. The following timings are approximate and depend on how many are attending the event. 8pm First set of dates 8.35pm Break - time for a quick comfort break or to replennish your drinks. Please ensure you are back to the table you left from at 8.30pm for the next set of dates. 8.50pm Second set of dates 9.25pm Break - another chance for a quick comfort break or to replenish your drinks. Please ensure you are back at your table by 9.20pm for the next set of dates. 9.40pm Third set of dates 10.15pm Finish - a chance to mingle with the men and women at your event. We encourage people to stay after as it will give you even more of an idea if someone is right for you or not and give you a chance to make friends. For a more detailed explanation of how it works on the night, please visit our 'How it works on the night' page.
  • How long do the events last?
    Our events can last up to three hours from registration, dependent on amount of people attending.
  • How many dates will I get?
    Every venue is different and can accommodate a different amount of people. Each event will state what the maximum amount of people attending will be. If we have a similar amount of men/women attending - we will go ahead with 5+ couples.
  • Do I need to be a Member of Something Special to attend their events and Dating Nights?
    No. My Something Special Membership is purely for personal matchmaking. Anyone is allowed to attend my 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events. Little Something Eventz Members receive a 50% discount off my 'Little Something' Dating Nights and occasional discounts off my events. You do not need to sign up to my site to attend our events.
  • I'm just outside the age range for the event, can I still attend?"
    On each of my events, I state the age range and if I allow outside of this I will state the minimum age requirement. If you are interested in an event and outside of the age range, please do call me to check if you can book yourself on. I will do what I can to help. To see all the events I host, please visit our 'Little Something' Events page. If I am not hosting an event for your age range, please email me with what you are looking for and I will let you know when I have got it arranged.
  • Will there be equal numbers of males and females?
    It is difficult to guarantee equal numbers of both sexes on all nights but I do all I can to ensure an even balance. If there are not enough of one gender booked, I may postpone the event to a slightly later date. I apologise for any inconvenience with this. If there is a night with only just an unequal balance, one gender may have 1/2 chances to sit alone at a table for 6 minutes to review the dates they have been on. You are more than welcome to chat with the hosts at this time if you wish.
  • What is a match?
    A match happens when both you and somebody you have met choose each other as a 'match' of any kind. Everybody has an opportunity to choose each person they meet as - Something Special - I would like to go on a date - A Little Something - I would like to see them again - Circle - Just friends or leave unselected if they do not want to match and see each other again. You can use your Match Record during the evening to record your choices. This record is yours to keep. At the end of the night, everyone fills in their Match slip inside their Match Record, recording their 'matches' and 'friends', tears it out and hands this in Jules. As decisions are a lot clearer after sleeping on them, there is also a chance to view all the men/women you saw at your evening online after the event. The morning after your event you will receive an email with a password to access the private online area to change your choices from the night. You have all of the following day after your event to submit your matches/friends. If you do not complete this area, your choices from your slip given in on the night will be used. You can see a sample page of what this area will look like for both men/women here.
  • What information is given to my matches?
    In your registration, you will have chosen whether you would like your matches to receive your mobile number, email or both. Your host will double check with you on registraton if your initial choice still stands.
  • Is it safe to meet people at a 'Little Something' Dating Night?
    *Please be advised:- On registration, all members agree to abide by our Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement. All my Members give me two forms of ID and we have a personal meeting. However, as with any speed dating event, anyone is able to attend a 'Little Something' night. Choosing to attend these events is at your own risk and you must take complete responsibility for yourself and your safety at all times. Please be sure to read my 'Being Safe' advice for dating in general*
  • I am trying to buy a 'Little Something' ticket and my payment was declined. What should I do?
    First of all, thank you for your interest in my 'Little Something' Nights. There are many reasons why Paypal rejects payments, all of which are designed to keep us safer with payments online. If you are having any problems in purchasing your 'Little Something' Dating Ticket through Paypal, please use Stripe or email or call Jules and she will organise for an invoice to be sent to you to make payment.
  • Do you just host the 'Little Something' Dating Nights?
    No - I host 'Little Something' Dating Nights - a type of slow/speed dating night to have a chance to chat with everyone attending but we also host other Dating Events. I have hosted a Christmas Dinner Party and Valentine's Dinner Party with no age range. I also host events such as my First Aid Course for Singles and I have cinema trips, bowling trips and tapas nights in the pipeline.
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