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Kenley walk with The Pretty Woman Club 2021


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Welcome to our Community Clubs page!!!

In mid-August 2021, a free community group - The Pretty Woman Club - was started 'after' Covid-19 to help us to 'get back out there' and Ladies' mental health. The intention was to meet for weekly walks that end with a drink or two (#walktalkdrink) which immediately became twice weekly due to demand.

Why was it free? Although mental health has always been important, I saw a group for men to meet to be able to talk and walk - a safe place for them to share any problems and make new friends in the area - I wanted to offer the same but something slightly different (with the drink to include all the women in the community regardless of ability or want to walk) to do my bit to help the women in my community after Covid and help mental health. I chose 'The Pretty Woman Club' as a name as I love the film.

A few weeks later The GoodFellas Club for men was born for the same reason because the group I had seen for men all met in London.

180921 #WalkTalkDrink
The Pretty Woman Club
The GoodFellas Club

After 18 months of weekly or two-weekly free community #walktalkdrinks a week from August 2021 to February 2023, these meets have now ceased. The community Facebook groups are still on Facebook for Friendship and support online amongst men and amongst women in the community. If you ever have a question or need help, this community will always be there to support you. You can ask questions on the group either as yourself or anonymously - by clicking the 'post anonymously' button on your post. We have our private groups on the website too if you prefer to use those instead or are not on social media.

Our door is always open to new members to both The Pretty Woman and The GoodFellas Clubs. We have 1.9k Pretty Woman Members and we have 217 GoodFellas on Facebook. We also have other Members through the website for those who are not on social media. If you want to make new friends or need someone to talk to, join one of these online groups here on the Something Special website and on Facebook (The Pretty Woman Club/ The GoodFellas Club).

Godstone #walktalkdrink

I am so proud to have helped and supported men and women from all over South London, East Surrey, Reigate & Banstead and beyond to get back out there after Covid-19 and meet and make such good life-long friends. Every single Pretty Woman and GoodFella I have met at a walk or an event have been so supportive to one another, such lovely people and have become true friends - it really is all of you that made these groups what they are.

Hopefully it goes without saying, these online groups are for looking after our own mental health, helping others and kindness. Please be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Although there is no longer a need to help get the community 'back out there' after Covid-19, there is still a need for everyone (not just singles) to make friends - so The Friendship Club Membership has been formed. Do come and join us at our next #walktalkdrink or event by becoming a Friendship Club Member — each meet and event brings familiar faces and new people along which is so lovely. 

The Pretty Woman Club & The GoodFellas Club Community groups are always welcome on our Charity Events - you do not need to be a paid Member of The Friendship Club subscription to attend Charity Events.

I look forward to meeting you on a meet or event soon.

Thank you. Love Jules 🙂💕 x

#theprettywomanclub thegoodfellasclub #mentalhealth

Jules Anderson
Be kind
Be Kind
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