What I Offer...

Something Special offers two sides to the business for dating.


Something Special offers offline affordable matchmaking introductions through Something Special Matchmaking Membership and through 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events.  You do not need to be a member to attend a Little Something Night or Event.

Something Special Membership Explained

All Something Special Membership Plans (Taster, Personal & Elite) are for offline personal matchmaking for 1-1 dates. Please see the table below for what each membership gives you.

I am still matching my members for SkypeDates and ExerciseDates (socially-distanced).

I am now allowing everyone to sign-up to my site. You have access to your own profile that you can complete.  No contact information is allowed on the profiles and my 'Code of Conduct & Confidentiality' Agreement must be adhered to.  Any breach of it will mean deletion of your profile.  Your profile will be seen by my Members.  During Lockdown, if you would like to be considered as a match, please visit my 'Little Something' Members page and if you would like personal matchmaking, you must purchase either 'Platinum Little Something' or Something Special Membership to take advantage of FREE Personal Matchmaking during Lockdown.



Click table to enlarge.

1. Something Special Matchmaking Membership


I have a Membership base of genuine singles looking for a relationship. This is offline personal matchmaking to receive a Match for 1-1 dates.  All members need to give two forms of ID, sign my 'confidentiality and code of conduct'.

Please click here to find out more about Matchmaking Membership.  I am giving FREE* Membership to all current and new members during Lockdown!

3. Platinum 'Little Something' Membership


I have Membership for those who would like the chance to match with one of my Something Special Members.  This is NOT Matchmaking Membership for these members.  If I cannot find a match within my Something Special Members, I look in my Platinum 'Little Something' Black book for eligible singles

*Membership must be purchased to benefit from the free membership offered.

2. 'Little Something' Dating Nights & Events


I host 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events for singles to meet.  Please click here to find out what is involved in a 'Little Something' Dating Night and here for the different types of events I host.  You can now become a Little Something Member for FREE and receive a loyalty card with discounts off future events.  You do not need to be a member to attend a night. 

Circle Friending

I also host 'Circle' Friending Nights and Events for everyone to make friends regardless of age or relationship status.  Please click here to find out what is involved in a 'Circle' Friending Night and here for the different types of events I host.

An affordable Matchmaking and Events Introductions Agency, helping singles find their 'something special'

and helping everyone increase their 'circle' of friends.

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