What I Offer...

Something Special offers TWO separate sides to the business for dating.
Something Special offers Membership for offline affordable matchmaking introductions through Personal Something Special Matchmaking Membership. As a separate entity, Something Special offers 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events.  You do not need to be a member to attend a 'Little Something' Night or Event. 
If you are a Member for Matchmaking and would like to attend my events - I do offer 50% off my 'Little Something' Dating Nights and discounts off other nights and events to all my Something Special and 'Little Something' Members who have purchased the additional 'Little Something' Discount Pass.  If you wish to attend a night, please ensure you have requested and received your 'LSN Discount Pass' to receive your discounts.

Something Special Membership Explained
All Something Special Membership Plans (Taster, Personal & Elite) are for offline personal matchmaking for 1-1 dates. Please see the table below for what each membership gives you.
I match my members for 1-1 Dates in Person, SkypeDates and ZoomDates.


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Membership Form must be completed in detail to be considered as a Match

1. Something Special Matchmaking Membership

I have a Something Special Membership base of genuine singles looking for a relationship. This Membership is for offline personal matchmaking to receive a Match for 1-1 dates.
All members need to give two forms of ID, sign my 'confidentiality and code of conduct'.
Please click here to find out more about Matchmaking Membership.  

Access to the online area, should you wish to use it, which includes online profiles and a private group called 'The VIP Lounge'.  This area is an additional perk to Membership.  Membership is first and foremost for offline Personal Matchmaking.

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2. 'Little Something' Membership


This is NOT Matchmaking Membership for these Members. However, for only £40 yearly, this Membership gives you a possible Match with a Something Special Member for a 1-1 Date in Person or SkypeDate/ ZoomDate decided by the Something Special Member.

If I cannot find a match within my Something Special Members, I look in my 'Little Something' Black book for eligible singles. 

These Members have their own online profile for Something Special Members to view.  Access to Members' Profiles and the Private Group, 'The VIP Lounge' are not available to these Members.

3. 'Little Something' Dating Nights & Events

You do not need to be a Something Special or 'Little Something' Member to attend a night, however Members are eligible to purchase a LSN Discount Pass for 50% off 'Little Something' Dating Nights and discounts off other events. 

I host 'Little Something' Dating Nights and Events for singles to meet.  Please click here to find out what is involved in a 'Little Something' Dating Night and here for the different types of events I host.

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