'Little Something'
What happens the morning after?

Slip Choices

 Thank you for joining me for one of my 

'Little Something' Nights. 


 I hope you had a fun night meeting new singles  and making friends. 

 At the end of your night, you will have completed   your 'Match Record Slip' with your choices on the night of -  

- Something Special - I would like to go on a date 

- Little Something - I'd like to see them again 

- Circle - I'd like to be just friends 

- Or left blank for no match 



As decisions are always better after sleeping on them - you now have the chance to change your choices from the night before online.  If you are happy with your slip choices, you need do nothing more..


The morning after your 'Little Something' Night you will receive an email with a password allowing you to view all the men or women who were at your event.


You will then have the whole day to submit your choices online.  If you do not submit any choices by the end of the day, we will take your slip choices from the night.

I will then collate all the information and let you know your matches.  Your contact information that you selected to provide will be given if you match for any reason - friend or more.  If you have not matched someone, no contact information will be shared.

When you receive your password for this area - please click on the relevant button to see all the men/ women you spoke to on your evening. 

This information is only available on a computer or tablet (not a phone).



 To see a sample of what these pages look like, please click Sample Men/ Sample Women below