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MEETING AT 11.15AM - WALK @ 11.30AM



Ticket to attend meet (with or without walk): £5 donated on the Just Giving Page

Payment to the Vineyard on the day for all food and drinks (including cheese platters/ cream tea pre-orders) x


I am still a little bit excited about this venue even though we have been a few times now 😏🥂 as it is a lovely walk, the cheese platters are lovely and their sparkling wine tastes like champagne! I have organised with Godstone Vineyards for our Something Special Friendship Group For Everyone to meet for their cheese platters, cream teas and sparkling wine... 😏🥂...and if the weather is good, if you wish to, come and join me for a walk too.


Where we are meeting is Godstone Vineyard Car Park for the 1.7 mile walk (approx 45 mins to an hour) to Marden Park and back. Meeting from 11.15am and heading off at 11.30am on the walk.


Here is the route I have made which is 1.7 miles. It is not a circular route - a there and back (- because the shortest circular route was 3.4 miles 😳) - it is short - we can walk further down the road to Woldingham School if we would all like to as it does not take the full hour but the point is more the socialising than the walk.


Then on our return, around 12.30pm if you're coming just for cheese platters, cream teas and sparkling wine, food and wine at the Vineyard.  There is a restricted number on this meet - so get your ticket as soon as you know.


Cheese platters for individuals are £8 each and cream teas at £6.50. If you would like one, it needs to be pre-ordered - cheese platter/ cream tea. Bookings for this event close on Thursday 29th June - Please contact Jules if you would like to come after this time, to see if there are any spaces available. do other food which you can order on the day with the venue if you prefer.

Please remember - it is your responsibility to check the walk and the route before attending to decide if you are able to do it. You are welcome to join us for both the walk and the meet (weather permitting) or miss out the walk and just come for the food...up to you x


Re Dogs - they are not allowed in their shop or cafe - hopefully we will be outside but might be best to leave them at home.


If it is raining on this day, we will miss out the walk. If we do, I will put a post on The Friendship Group on the website and on the Finding Something Special Group on Facebook the night before and we will meet at 12.30pm.


If you are running late for the walk or need to contact me on the day, my number is 07368 539 594.


Thank you, Jules 🙂💕 x


Please RSVP and donate to Cancer Research (recommended amount £5 - please donate what you can) to let us know you are attending at If you would rather just donate on the day, you can just RSVP below.


I will be organising a Raffle for Cancer Research 🎟 - I am legally unable to offer these raffle tickets online so is only available to those attending - sorry x 


Please bring and donate a PRIZE FOR THE RAFFLE if you can. Thank you. 


I hope you can join me for the Run 30 Miles in June (sign up here) and/ or join me on the Sunday at Godstone Vineyard and raise money for the cancer charity, Cancer Research.


See you there!


Love Jules x



SUNDAY 2nd July 2023

I am running the 30 Miles in June for Cancer Research - if you would like to virtually join me that would be amazing - the place to sign up for RUN 30 MILES IN JUNE - is here anthought I would do July's Godstone Vineyard Meet at the end to raise money for Cancer Research with our community groups, The Pretty Woman Club, The GoodFellas Club & The Friendship Club. (This is NOT just for The Friendship Club Members - this is a Something Special Charity Meet. Everyone is welcome.)



RSVP to our next Charity Meet - Godstone Vineyard
for Cancer Research

Sun 2nd July 2023

30 Miles in June & Godstone Vineyard Meet with Cancer Research

Please let me know if you are NOT attending the walk. There is a maximum number restriction at this venue. Please let me know if you find you are subsequently unable to attend.

Would you like to pre-order?
Member - Tick all that apply

You do not need to donate to join us. If you would like to donate something to Cancer Research for attending, please click to donate BEFORE you RSVP.

Thank you, Jules x

30 miles in June CR.jpeg

Run 30 Miles in June & Godstone Vineyard Meet

With Something Special for Cancer Research

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