Something Special
Personal Matchmaking Membership
Now available in instalments!


I offer three lengths of Something Special Personal Matchmaking Membership plans.

Taster (3 Months), Personal (6 Months) & Elite (12 Months)


All my Something Special Membership Plans offer the same matchmaking service - the only difference between them all is the length of Membership and the amount of match email guarantees.  The only other differences are the Personal and Elite Memberships have a free photo session you can take advantage of if you wish and you have an option to freeze membership.

In order for my Membership to be more accessible and affordable, I have decided to offer my Elite (12 Months) Membership Plan in monthly instalments.


This is an instalment plan of twelve payments for the Elite Something Special Matchmaking Membership Plan, not a monthly subscription.

All twelve payments must be paid in full.

The Elite Plan comes with unlimited potential matches with a minimum 'match email' guarantee of 8 matches.  This means, if you have not received a minimum of 8 matches in your year's membership term, you stay on as a Member for free until you do.

Please click here to compare the three lengths of Membership and to find out about what happens when you become a Member, click here.