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 I started The Pretty Woman and GoodFellas Clubs and organise weekly #walktalkdrinks for people to help everyone's mental health. I wanted to help my community and do my bit to help #mentalhealth in the small way I can. I do not charge for my service for these because I would hate anyone who wanted to come along and have somewhere they can go to if they needed to talk and find a friend to not come because they couldn't afford it.

Please do not feel you have to donate. If you would like to, please give a voluntary donation to my chosen charities; MacMillan, Cancer Research and MIND, for my service. I do not ask on a meet as this is not compulsory and would hate for anyone to feel awkward because they either do not want to donate or are unable to. If you would like to donate once you have been to a #walktalkdrink, please do so online below.

The reason I have chosen MacMillan and Cancer Research UK for our Charities is because my mother was taken from breast cancer when she was only 46. Both Cancer Charities do so much for research and helping those with cancer - I felt both were important to support. We held a Coffee Morning for MacMillan in September 2021 and 2022 which were both so lovely and managed to raise a massive £507.10 in 2021 and £256.40 in 2022! I have added MIND as the third charity as the walks are to help all of our general mental health.


The donations will be split between the

three charities each month.

Thank you so much for donating.

Love Jules 🙂💕 xx

#mentalhealth #walktalkdrink 

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