What we also Offer...

During Lockdown, Something Special Introductions are also matching Members with a 'Lockdown Friend'.

One of my Members has asked if I could match people for a 'Lockdown Friend' to chat to during Lockdown - someone matched purely on personality, regardless of age, distance or gender.  This could mean that you get matched with a man or a woman for friendship during this time.  As this Member has not got Skype, it has been suggested that contact information (either email or mobile number as I do for my 'Little Something' Matches) is given.  If you like this 'Lockdown Friend' idea, please contact me with the following information.


  1. Please state you would be interested in possibly being matched with a 'Lockdown Friend'

  2. Please state if you mind if this friend is male, female or don't mind.

  3. Please state which contact information - Mobile Number/ Email or both - you wish to be given to your 'Lockdown Friend' Match.


Alternatively, you may have seen a Member's profile online you would like to be matched with either as a 'Lockdown Friend' or Something Special Match.  If they are agreeable, I will make the match.

An affordable Matchmaking and Events Introductions Agency, helping singles find their 'something special'

and helping everyone increase their 'circle' of friends.

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