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During Lockdown, Something Special Introductions are also matching Members with a 'Lockdown Friend'.

To help with Lockdown, one of my Members has asked if I could match people for a 'Lockdown Friend' to chat to during Lockdown - someone matched with at least one thing in common, regardless of age, distance or gender.  This could mean that you get matched with a man or a woman for friendship during this time.  As this Member has not got Skype, it has been suggested that contact information (either email or mobile number as I do for my 'Little Something' Matches) is given.  If you like this 'Lockdown Friend' idea, please contact me with the following information:-


  1. Please state you would be interested in possibly being matched with a 'Lockdown Friend'


    Please state which contact information - Mobile Number/ Email or both - you wish to be given to your 'Lockdown Friend' Match.


If I have a match, you be emailed with a photo, the one reason you match and share email addresses.  You take it from there and share your mobile if you so wish.


Alternatively, you may have seen a Member's profile online you would like to be matched with either as a 'Lockdown Friend' or Something Special Match.  If they are agreeable, I will make the match.

An affordable Matchmaking and Events Introductions Agency, helping singles find their 'something special'

and helping everyone increase their 'circle' of friends.

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