Little Something Membership
£10 Per Month

Little Something Members are eligible to purchase the

'LSN Discount Pass!! ❤️

'Little Something' Membership is NOT for Personal Matchmaking.


Become a 'Little Something' Member and be a possible Match for one of my Something Special Members

for a 1-1 Date in Person or Online (SkypeDate/ ZoomDate).


My 'Little Something' Black Book is full of eligible singles just like you.  

You can also set up your own profile for Something Special Members to view. 'Little Something' Members are not able to access the online Members' Profiles or 'The VIP Lounge'; our private online group for Something Special Members. 

​By joining me as a 'Little Something' Member and appearing in my 'Little Something' Black Book, you are NOT a member for Personal Matchmaking and me finding you matches (please click here for more information about Something Special Membership).  If I am unable to match my Something Special Members with each other, I will look in my 'Little Something' black book of eligible singles for a match. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee I will be able to match you.

Only Something Special & 'Little Something' Members are eligible to purchase the 'Little Something' Discount Pass.

Once a 'Little Something' Member, you will be offered a free 10-15 phone or Zoom/Skype call to chat about how to make the most of your Membership and how to complete the Membership Form.  You will then gain access to my LSM Membership Form.  This MUST be completed IN FULL with THREE photos.  Once submitted, I will organise to meet you for a 30 minute personal meeting to go through how it works, ensure you are who you say you are, check queries from your Membership Form and briefly discuss what you are looking for in someone. If your Membership Form is not completed IN FULL, you will not be considered as a Match and will be asked to complete the form again either before or after this meeting.

When you have submitted your membership form, I have met you for your 30 minute personal meeting via Zoom/ Skype, seen 2 forms of ID and you have signed my Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement, you will then be able to be a possible match with my one of my Something Special Members for a Date.

If you are local to Something Special and also would like to attend my 'Little Something' nights you can receive 50% off my 'Little Something' Dating Nights and discounts off events by purchasing my LSN Discount Pass for just £5 per month (cancel anytime).

* Please be assured - as with my Something Special Membership - your details are confidential and the information you supply in your personal meeting or on my nights is for the matchmaker only.  If you become a 'Little Something' Member, you are giving permission to subscribe to my mailing list and be kept informed of future events.