How do I become a Member?

1. When you have chosen your Membership Type & Plan  (Personal Matchmaking Membership or to be a possible match with a Member for a date) - Click BUY NOW!

2. You will then be asked to 'Sign-Up' to Something Special with an Email Address and a chosen password.


3. Just 'signing up' to the website does not mean you are a member. Please ensure,​ once you have 'signed up' and 'logged in', you continue on to payment via Paypal or Credit/ Debit Card.

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before purchasing your Membership.

If you have any questions, please call Jules on

07368 539 594.

A Note From Me...


Becoming a Something Special Member means you will be personally matched with other genuine Something Special Members.   


I do not use computers to work out matches.  All my members complete a Membership Form, I meet all my members personally for 1-2 hours, receive copies of ID, get members to sign my 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement' and match my members through their lifestyle, interests and what they are looking for in a partner.  I take away the things that make you wary online - the fakes, those not wanting a relationship, the married...and match you with people on the things you care about. 


Should my Members wish to, I also have a private online area for profiles and a group (The VIP Lounge) for Something Special Members only to make friends with my growing membership base.  If you have any questions about Membership and guarantees, please give me a call.

Jules x