How to Purchase Membership

Signing-Up To The Website

If you wish to become a Something Special Member, you will be asked to 'Sign-Up' to the Something Special website with an Email Address and a chosen password.


Just 'signing up' to the website does not mean you are a member of Something Special.

If you would prefer to purchase Membership offline, please call Jules to pay via bank transfer.

(Monthly and Instalment plans must be purchased online).

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before purchasing your Membership.

If you have any questions, please call Jules on

07368 539 594.

At the Festival

A Note From Me...
Becoming a Something Special Member means you will be personally matched with other genuine Something Special Members.   
I do not use computers to work out matches.  All my members complete a Membership Form, I meet all my members personally for 1-2 hours, receive copies of ID, get members to sign my 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement' and match my members through their lifestyle, interests and what they are looking for in a partner.  I take away the things that make you wary online - the fakes, those not wanting a relationship, the married...and match you with people on the things you care about. 
Should my Members wish to, I also have a private online area for profiles and a group (The VIP Lounge) for Something Special Members only to make friends with my growing membership base.  If you have any questions about Membership and guarantees, please give me a call.

Jules x