Something Special
Match Email Guarantee


All my Something Special Membership Plans give my Members personal matchmaking for 1-1 dates with the possibility of unlimited matches in their membership plan.  Due to the nature of Matchmaking, although new Members are joining all the time, I cannot guarantee I have a Match for you on my books when you join.

For this reason, I have decided to give all three of my matchmaking plans the following 'Match Email' guarantees:-


- My Taster Plan of 3 months membership gives a minimum of 1 'Match Email' within your plan.  

- My Personal Plan of 6 months membership gives a minimum of 3 'Match Emails' within your plan.

- My Elite Plan of 12 months membership gives a minimum of 8 'Match Emails' within your plan.

If you do not receive your minimum 'match-email(s)' within your membership term, I will keep you on as a Member for FREE until you do.

* A 'Match Email' is an email sent to you with a Match from your Matchmaker.  The guarantee is for a 'match email', not a date.  If either Member chooses not to meet, the Match is still counted towards your guarantee.   To find out more about how matchmaking works and 'match emails', click here.*