Something Special
Match Email Guarantee


Both my Something Special Membership Plans give my Members personal matchmaking for 1-1 dates with the possibility of unlimited matches in their membership plan.  Due to the nature of Matchmaking, although new Members are joining all the time, I am afraid I cannot guarantee I have even one Match for you on my books either when you join or during your length of membership plan.  Membership is on the chance and possibility that you will be matched.

I would hate, however, for any Members to not receive any matches whilst they are with me.  For this reason, although my membership is a fraction of the cost of other Matchmakers who do not give guarantees, I have decided to give all three of my matchmaking plans the following 'Match Email' guarantees:-
- My Taster Plan is now free. There are no guarantees of 'Match Emails' within this plan.
- My Personal Plan of 6 months membership gives a minimum of 1 'Match Email' within your plan.
- My Elite Plan of 12 months membership gives a minimum of 3 'Match Emails' within your plan.

If you do not receive your minimum 'match-email(s)' within your membership term, I will keep you on as a Member for Matchmaking for FREE until you do.

* A 'Match Email' is an email sent to you with a Match from your Matchmaker.  The guarantee is for a 'match email', not a date.  If either Member chooses not to meet, the Match is still counted towards your guarantee.   To find out more about how matchmaking works and 'match emails', click here.*