Our Friendship Clubs

The Pretty Woman Club & The GoodFellas Club

We have TWO Community groups; One for women, The Pretty Woman Club and One for men, The GoodFellas Club.


These started as and still are private Facebook Community Groups and are for online friendship and support amongst women with The Pretty Woman Club group and for men for online friendship and support amongst The GoodFellas Club group.


We meet for #walktalkdrinks. Members come for a walk, a drink or both (the walk is weather dependent).


We also have these groups on our website too. So whether you are on social media or not, please do join us on here also to make friends and support one another.


Please ensure you have joined our groups on our website - In order to continue keeping these meets private - this is where you will find and can 'buy' your ticket to all upcoming #walktalkdrinks under the EVENTS tab on these groups.


It is still currently free to attend a #walktalkdrink with these clubs but please do let me know if you are attending through RSVPing. A free ticket must be 'purchased' through the website to attend a meet.

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Pretty Woman Club

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GoodFellas Club

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