FREE Membership


NOT for Personal Matchmaking.

By joining me as a 'free' Member and appearing in my 'Little Something' Black Book, you are NOT a member for Personal Matchmaking and me finding you matches (please click here for more information about my Something Special Membership Plans).  If I am unable to match my Something Special Members with each other, I will look in my 'Little Something' black book of eligible singles for a match. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee I will be able to match you.

You will need to complete the Membership Form IN FULL to be considered as a match for a Something Special Member.

Once submitted, if you could be a possible Match with a Something Special Member, I will arrange to meet you for a 10-15 minute chat via Zoom/ Skype to check your identity, ask for 2 forms of ID and my Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement to be signed. Once I have all this, you will then be able to receive your 'match email'.

You can also set up your own profile for Something Special Members to view.  'Free' Members are unable to access online profiles.

There is now a Membership Joining Fee of £97. This is to meet The Matchmaker, Jules, for a personal meeting to complete the membership form in detail, receive ID, Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement and decide which membership is good for you. It is NOT compulsory for those wishing to become FREE Members to purchase this joining fee. Those that do purchase the Membership Joining Fee and complete the membership form with The Matchmaker with a personal meeting will be selected first for matchmaking out of the Free Membership base.