Covid-19 & Lockdown Information


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Matchmaking Membership is Free during Lockdown for all current and new Something Special and Platinum Little Something Members.  Membership must be purchased to benefit from free membership during Lockdown.

I have 3 membership plans to choose from - Taster, Personal or Elite.  All memberships give the possibility of unlimited matches and each gives their own 'Match Email' Guarantee.

**Little Something Members will now have access to the Membership Form - Both Little Something Members and Platinum Little Something Members MUST fill in the Membership Form IN FULL to be considered as a match with a Something Special Member.

1. I am still Matching Members for dates. 

Due to the January 5th Lockdown.  I am now arranging SkypeDates, Exercise Dates and PhoneDates.

If my Members decide to meet for an Exercise Date, the 2 metres rule must be adhered to.


2. Something Special Membership is FREE* during Lockdown! 

From today (5th January 2021) to the end of this current Lockdown, ALL Members and NEW Members time is ON HOLD and therefore FREE during this time.  This time will be added on to your Membership at the end of Lockdown.  Any Matches made during Lockdown will not count towards your minimum match guarantees.

*If you are not a Member, Membership must be purchased to take advantage of this FREE Membership. If you would like to find out more about what Membership is or how to become a Member, please click the buttons above.

3. Platinum 'Little Something' Members have FREE Personal Matchmaking during Lockdown!

Although Platinum 'Little Something' Membership isNOT personal matchmaking for these Members.  During Lockdown, Platinum Little Something Members will receive FREE Matchmaking and Jules will look for a match for them - if you are a member and have yet to complete your Membership Form in detail - please ensure it is completed and you will then be contacted to arrange your Skype Personal Meeting.  When Lockdown ends, your Membership will return to that of Platinum Little Something Membership only and Jules will not look for you.  These Members will still not have access to the online profiles and forum during Lockdown.  For more information, please visit my Platinum 'Little Something' Members page.

4. NEW - 'Little Something' Dating Nights

As I am unable to host my 'Little Something' Dating Nights.  During Lockdown, for the cost of a night (£20), you can be a possible match for a member for a 1-1 SkypeDate and Lockdown Friend.  For more information, please visit my 'Little Something' Members page.


5. Lockdown Friend is happening again!

All Members can be matched with a Lockdown Friend - this is not matchmaking for dates but someone to talk to during Lockdown.  For more information, please click here.  If you are interested, please contact Jules.

6. Remember - Something Special Members have access to our Online Member's Profiles and Forum!

Now we are in Lockdown, there is not a more perfect time to make sure your profile online is up to date and connect with other Something Special Members via our online Forum.  Yes, your Membership is for offline-matchmaking but please make use of this additional perk.  It is there for you to privately make friends away from Facebook and social media.  No one should feel they are on their own.

If you are considering Membership, please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before purchasing your Membership. 

If you have any questions, please call Jules on

07368 539 594.

An affordable Matchmaking and Events Introductions Agency, helping singles find their 'something special'

and helping everyone increase their 'circle' of friends.

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