'Circle' Friending Events

I have decided to stop my events for everyone regardless of relationship status to make friends and just concentrating on my dating events.

I have, however, set up a free/ community thing - not my business

- Two groups on Facebook (and NextDoor).

One for women called The Pretty Woman Club and another for men called The GoodFellas Club .


The idea is a ladies' club and a separate men's club, started after Covid-19, to help Ladies' and Men's mental health. The intention is to meet for walks that end with a drink or two.  If you want to make new friends or need someone to talk to, come and join us for a walk, for the drinks or both.

Please take a look and come join us.

My 'Little Something' Events for singles (Cinema, Bowling, Dinner) will now be called 'Circle' Friending Events and 'Little Something' will just be my Nights. Watch this space for upcoming events.

Kind regards,

Jules Silverman
Something Special Introductions