'Circle' Friending Events

I am very VERY excited to announce the return of my 'Circle' Friending Nights in August.

Please register your interest for these to be held along with your preferred age range here.

I now have a night booked just for making friends - these nights are open to EVERYONE - regardless of age or relationship status.  ALL are welcome to join from 18+.

Two age groups - those UNDER 50 and those OVER 50.

Mixed sexes - talking to men & women.

Come and join and make new friends in your area!

Upcoming Events

  • 'Circle' Friending Night @ The Harrow
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    Thu, 05 Aug
    The Harrow,
    A Night for all ages - 18+!! TWO Age Groups - Under 50s/ Over 50s (If you are 2/3 years above or below 50, you choose which group to be in). All ages socialise together at the end of the 'Friending' sessions. This is NOT a dating night.