Friending Night

What is a
Friending Night?

We now host 'Circle' Friending Nights for men and women, regardless of their relationship status, to make friends with others in their local area and increase their 'circle' of friends.  Although I believe 3 minutes is too short to find a romantic connections with someone, it is a great way to meet and make a lot of new friends in one night.  By cutting the time in half for my 'Circle' Friending Nights, it means that everyone gets to meet everyone before socialising at the end.

So what happens when you arrive at your chosen venue?

We have a separate Facebook Page for Everyone - regardless of age or relationship status - to follow and make friends - 'Circle' Friending

Arrival and Registration

Arrival and registration is from 7.30pm with chats starting at 8pm.  I do ask that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before we are due to start at 8pm to get yourself a drink and find out how it all works.


When you arrive, you will be welcomed by me, Jules.  I will check you in, talk to you about how the night will run and answer any questions you may have.


You will also be given your personalised 'Circle' Match Record (including your Red or Green number).   The Match Record will help you to keep track of the friends that you would like to meet again.  This is yours to keep.   Please confirm I have the correct contact details to give to any friend matches from the night.

After  getting a drink and a short period of mingling in the bar, at 8pm you need to make your way to the table number that corresponds with the number on your 'Circle' Match Record.  Once everyone is seated with their first friend, the bell will ring to signify the start.

How it works

Depending on the size of the venue and the amount of people attending, a 'Circle' Friending event is split into two or three lots of 4/5 friends, each lasting around 30 minutes.  There will be a 20 minute break after each session, for a comfort break, time to get a drink from the bar or chat to those from your group colour (red/green). 

The two groups  of people (red and green) are of mixed gender.  You will have 6 minutes with each person in the other group.  In the two breaks and afterwards, you will have a chance to chat to those people in your group.  You will have a chance to match with anyone in either group.

After each chat, tick the 'Yes' column  if you would like to be friends and see that person again.  If you do not, tick the 'No' column and your details will not be shared.


What happens next?

There is then an opportunity for everyone to stay and chat in the venue - please feel free to stay and socialise.  There are all the people in your group still to chat to and get to know.

At the end of the night, you must ensure your friend choices are complete (for both Red & Green groups) in your 'Circle' Match Record and hand it in to your host. 

At a 'Circle' Friending Night -  my aim is to bring people together to make new circles of friends. 

Once I have collated all the information from the night, I will email you to let you know of any mutual friendships along with their chosen contact information (email, mobile number or both).