Something Special Membership

This page is about what happens when you become a Something Special Member for Personal Matchmaking for you. 

"All you need is love"

So what happens when I become a Member?



Once a member you will gain access to the

Something Special Membership Form online.  This form is designed to get to know all about you and what you are looking for in a partner. Please complete and submit your form as soon as possible.

I understand how form filling is not fun - all I ask is that you complete the questions with an * which are mainly about your gender, contact details and one photo.  All the other questions can be answered with me, Jules, at your personal meeting.

Once you have submitted your membership form online, you will be able to add a photo and 'about me' blurb to your online profile.

When I have your form, I will contact you to arrange your personal meeting to discuss your membership form in greater depth and find out what exactly you are looking for in a partner. 

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The personal meetings are usually 1-2 hours and held somewhere relaxed, close to where Something Special is located in Coulsdon. If you are unable to get to Surrey, the personal meeting can be done via Skype/ Zoom.

At your personal meeting, we go through your membership form in detail, get to know more about you, what you are looking for in a partner and discuss how your 'Match Email' will look like - these are completely customisable.

I require copies of 2 forms of Identification to be given at the meeting (Driving Licence and Proof of Address).


I also require you to sign my Something Special Confidentiality & Code of Conduct Agreement Form.

If the meeting is conducted via Skype/Zoom - all documents can be scanned and emailed.

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Once I have met you, you have signed my agreement form and supplied two forms of ID, you then become a  'live' member of Something Special.  This means, once your profile is complete, I will be looking for potential matches for you and you are now 'live' on my Something Special Members' Area. 

You now have full access to my additional perk -  my Something Special Member's Area. Here, you can view other members' profiles and chat in my private group for Members,
'The VIP Lounge'.

(Under no circumstances can private/contact information be given on this group)

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I will send you a 'Match Email', which will include:- their photos, reasons why you match, what you are both looking for in a partner and 'Matchmaker notes' on each Member.   Matches will only be made one at a time.


Alternatively, if you see someone in 'The VIP Lounge' or profiles you would like to meet, let me know and I will look to see if I can match you.

Please ensure you contact me as soon as possible to let me know if you wish to meet your match or not. 

If you do, I will contact them to find out if the feeling is mutual.

If it is - I organise a date, time and location, suitable for both of you.


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When you have purchased membership, I will approve you for site access to the Membership Form online.  This form includes getting to know all about you; what you like, your interests, hobbies, what life experiences you have had, what an average weekend is like for you, for example, and of course what you are looking for in a partner; their personal and physical qualities that may matter to you.

Please complete this form and return it to me as soon as possible so I can get your personal meeting and profile arranged and start finding matches for you.  Those questions with an * must be completed but all those without are not required on submission of the form and can be completed at your personal meeting.  One photograph is compulsory for this form to be submitted online, additional photos can be sent after your personal meeting. Once you have submitted your membership form online, you will be able to add a photo and 'about me' blurb to your online profile.  You will not have access to the forum and other member's profiles at this stage.


I did prefer to meet my members in person as I felt it helped in the matchmaking process.  However, during the Lockdowns, I have had to meet everyone via Skype/Zoom - I now feel that both are as good as each other.  So, if you are unable to meet me near my office in Surrey, I can conduct the meeting via Skype or Zoom.

Additional photographs for your profile can be taken at the meeting (if you have Personal/ Elite Plans) or you can send me a selection of images to add to your profile.  All photographs must be within the last year and will be vetted by Jules. If you submitted three photographs with your Membership Profile Form, you will not need to send anymore unless found inappropriate or out of date.  The three photos required are one portrait, one full length and one other.


I will ask for you to sign my Code of Conduct/ Confidentiality Form.  If you have a DBS certificate, please send me a copy and this knowledge can be added to enhance your profile.  If you do not have a certificate, you can obtain a basic check yourself at A DBS certificate is not required to be a Member.

I am passionate about finding my members their 'something special', with genuine people looking for a serious relationship.  Some of my members have used dating apps and sites previously and are wary of who they meet online. At Something Special Introductions, I pride myself on the safety of my members.  I conduct my own due-diligence through ID and my 'Confidentiality & Code of Conduct' Agreement to ensure that every new member is genuine in who they are and their intentions.  I do advise, however, for you to do your own due-diligence on prospective matches for your own safety.  Please see my terms and conditions of service and Being Safe Advice.



Once your Matchmaker's Membership Profile is complete; I have received your two forms of ID, Code of Conduct/ Confidentiality Form, DBS certificate (if applicable), photos and 'match email' blurb, you will be a 'live' member and I will begin the process of finding you a match. 

As an additional perk to the personal service of Something Special Introductions, searching for and matching you with our members, once 'live' you will have full access to my Members' Area. 

In this area you can complete your online profile with a photo and 'about me' blurb (if you have not done so already).  As discussed at your meeting, this blurb can also be used as part of your 'Match Email'.  Alternatively, you will need to send me a different blurb to be added.  In the Members' Area, you have access to other member's profiles and my private group for Something Special Members called 'The VIP Lounge'.  Your profile photo and 'about me', your posts and comments are public to 'Something Special' Members, all other information on 'My account' and 'Little Something' bookings is private to you.


This is a place to make friends and get to know my members. All information on your online profile, photos and posts will be vetted by Something Special.  Any inappropriate posts or comments in 'The VIP Lounge' will be deleted and you will be given a warning.  Depending on the severity and amount of warnings, you will be removed from the Members' Area.  This is not a place to organise dates or give personal information.  If you want me to contact a member and organise a date for you, I will be more than happy to arrange this; it's what I am here for. 


I wish you all the best in your search for your 'something special'.



When I find a match for you, I will email you a 'Match Email' with information about how the two of you Match and text you to let you know it has been sent.  Please let me know asap if you would like to match for a date.  I will only send matches to you one at a time for consideration.  If you are both interested, I will co-ordinate a date, time and venue between the two of you to meet.  No private information, including telephone numbers will be given unless we have your expressed permission.  If you do not want to meet, I will look for another match for you.